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The Newest Warby Parker Retail Store Lands in Charlotte, NC

As someone who has been wearing glasses since they weren't cool the experience of finding good looking inexpensive frames is a hassle but Warby Parker changed that for me. 
When I first started at Apple in 2012 I needed new glasses. I remember being in the store and I saw a young lady with some pretty cool glasses. I introduced myself by the accessories wall and asked what brand of glasses are those. She said Warby Parker I was confused because I had never heard of that before. She told me about the home try-on program which allowed me to pick out 5 frames of my choice and I can try them on and just send them back. I quickly check it out on my lunch break and picked out my 5 frames. It was refreshing to see great product shots and to see that these awesome frames started at $95.  So let’s fast forward to the day the glasses came. I tried on them all trying to figure out which ones fit best. I used to laugh and joke about my mom picking out my glasses when I was younger because I couldn’t see.  I finally decided on the Huxley frames they fit well with my skin tone and felt just right.  I was now obsessed with this brand everything they did felt right and organic. 


I remember visiting New York a few years ago and I was walking through SoHo because I had to visit the Warby Parker store and experience this great online experience in person. Soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by Chris he was a cool looking guy and made me and my friends feel comfortable. I quickly told him I was visiting from Charlotte and he was like wow man I’m from Charlotte also. That just made the moment even better walking inside I was a blind man in a candy shop so many different frames to try and choose from.  All the employees were cool looking wearing navy blue and frames the decor inside the flagship store was everything I could imagine and more. For many people who know me, I am a full-time entrepreneur but the work culture and environment of a brand can make me say where do I apply and Warby Parker made me feel that way but I had to remember that NYC cost of living and cold weather lol.  


Well if you made it this far into the post my wishes have come true. The 48th Warby Parker store is the eye-glasses company's first North Carolina store in no other than Charlotte, North Carolina. I remember when I found out a few months ago that a store was opening up there I was so excited and all my friends were messaging knowing how excited I was about.  So Bryanda of Quirktastic  and myself took a trip over to the new store for an exclusive view before it opened up.  WP decided that Charlotte's Atherton Mill, location would be the best home for the 48th store. Atherton Mill is a hip produce market, live juice bar and clothing stores, including Free People. When walking through the from doors, we noticed how industrial the space felt. WP social media manager, Ruthie Thier tells us that the original industrial feel of the retail space was preserved to stay aligned with the current atmosphere that Atherton Mill possesses. Patrons will notice the exposed beams and brick throughout the store. 

There are plenty of full length mirrors, books to read and so many different pair of eyeglasses and sunwear to choose from. They really have taken the amazing presence that they have online and been able to translate into this Charlotte location. Im just excited that lenscrafters isn't the only option and that people can finally experience the brand that I have been telling everyone in Charlotte about for years. 

Store Details
Warby Parker Atherton Mill
2000 South Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203

Phone: 704-508-4075