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One day, I remember being asked, “Josh, how much water do you drink daily?” I just laughed in shame like, “Yeah man, I can’t even tell you.” Back in 2015, I used to find myself trying to drink more water by drinking Voss water only because the glass bottle had a pretty great design to it. I’m sorry, but good design truly matters in all areas in my life...even down to how I prefer my water intake. I figured that instead of buying bottles of Voss everyday, I would just need to get a pretty epic water bottle. I made a stop by a boutique, formerly known as Blank Canvas, and saw this wooden bottle in the display case. Me already loving wood textures and being co-owner of Neck of the Woods, I thought “Man, this bottle is super dope!” As an added bonus, the packaging was even better. Come to find out, it was insulated and can keep whatever I’m drinking cold for 24 hours, no matter what setting it is in. During colder months, hot drinks can also stay hot for 12 hours. 

I was beyond sold after I saw the features, benefits, and great packaging; I also knew it would be a great conversation starter for me. So, I tested out the bottle while at Food Truck Friday later on that week. People kept asking, “Josh, what is that?” You know I had to pull out my coolest grin and replied “Oh, this thing? It’s my S’well bottle” I low-key think everybody wanted me to have alcohol or wine in it. Days later, friends of mine were calling and telling me that they bought one of their own. Unfortunately, while others getting theirs, I lost my bottle at a client’s showroom. Needless to say, I was a bit devastated but I was honestly just excited I could inspire people to get a pretty great product. But I’m wholeheartedly just inspired by brands and products that challenge things that have been the same for years. Last week, I’d finally got a call from a good friend of mine, SeQuoya, that it was still at the showroom I’d initially misplaced it at. So you better believe that I went, picked it up and I’m now reunited with my wooden S’well bottle. I’m still working on my amount of water consumption but I’m glad I’m doing it with my S’well.



If you live in Charlotte purchase it at Paper Skyscraper - 330 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Purchase it online at - NewTab

Also sold at various Starbucks

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