The Creative Gent


4 Branding Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Start with Why.

Give people a reason to care about what you are doing and selling. Tell me a story; kids aren’t the only ones who can’t sleep without a good one.

Just start.

Yes, I am dead ass serious. Trying to be a perfectionist about something that requires a journey is a sure way to fail. Be aware of what the standard of quality in the area you are striving to enter but don't allow that to not present the opportunity to start. 

Invest your time & money.

First impressions are powerful and can make or break opportunities. If you strength isn’t in creativity, then hiring a professional gives you chance to borrow their superpowers. Not only will it save you time, but it will save you money. Yes, time is money. The same time you’d spend trying to teach yourself how to do something that comes natural to a creative, you could be spending on making more money for your business. 

Get a Professional Website.

Your reputation is all you have and your website will allow you to create your own rules. Social media is free and can be taken away at any point, but not your very own hosting and domain and website.